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Table 1 Phytochemical content (%) of different parts of the plant of Cassia sophera Linn

From: Analysis of fatty acid and determination of total protein and phytochemical content of Cassia sophera Linn leaf, stem, flower, and seed

Plant part Phytochemical content (%)
Alkaloid (%) Flavonoid (%) Saponin (%)
Leaf 6.82 15.27 30.78
Stem 2.33 8.78 31.72
Flower 4.74 8.22 17.78
Seed 2.42 10.05 5.94
  1. The present investigation showed that leaves of this medicinal plant showed higher flavonoid (15.27%) and alkaloid (6.82%) content than the stem, flower, and seed part, whereas for the case of saponin content, the present research showed the stem part showed higher values (31.72%) than the leaf, flower, and seed part