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Table 9 List of descriptors and their respective classes and statistical parameters

From: Molecular docking and QSAR theoretical model for prediction of phthalazinone derivatives as new class of potent dengue virus inhibitors

S/N Descriptors Description Descriptor class VIF ME
1 ATS6e Broto-Moreau autocorrelation—lag 6/weighted by Sanderson electronegativities. 2D 7.282 0.186
2 AATSC6m Centered Broto-Moreau autocorrelation—lag 6/weighted by mass 2D 4.322 0.023
3 GATS2v Geary autocorrelation—lag 2/weighted by van der Waals volumes. 2D 3.489 − 0.313
4 VR1_Dzv Randic-like eigenvector-based index from Barysz matrix/weighted by van der Waals volumes. 2D 5.468 − 0.060
5 SpMax3_Bhv Largest absolute eigenvalue of Burden modified matrix—n 3/weighted by relative van der Waals volumes. 2D 2.499 1.165