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Table 3 Descriptions, full name, and categories of descriptors contained in the reported model

From: Quantitative structure-activity relationship, molecular docking, drug-likeness, and pharmacokinetic studies of some non-small cell lung cancer therapeutic agents

S/no Description Full name Category
1 ATSC8c Average centered Broto-Moreau autocorrelation—lag 8/weighted by charges 2D
2 MATS8s Moran autocorrelation—lag 8/weighted by I-state 2D
3 GATS5p Geary autocorrelation—lag 5/weighted by polarizabilities 2D
4 VR1_Dt Randic-like eigenvector-based index from detour matrix 2D
5 minssCH2 Minimum atom-type E-State: –CH2– 2D
6 RDF120m Radial distribution function—120/weighted by relative mass 3D
7 RDF125m Radial distribution function—125/weighted by relative mass 3D