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Table 1 Carriers used in solid dispersion

From: Most promising solid dispersion technique of oral dispersible tablet

Category Carriers Examples
1 Sugars Dextrose, sucrose, galactose, sorbitol, maltose, etc. Rofecoxib
2 Acids Citric acid, succinic acid, etc. Felodipine
3 Polymers PVP, PEG, HPMC, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, cyclodextrins, pectin, galactomanan, etc. Temazepam, troglitazone, etc.
4 Insoluble or enteric polymer HPMC pthalate, Eudragit L100, Eudragit E100, Eudragit RL, Eudragit RS, etc. Indomethacin
5 Surfactants Polyoxyethylene stearate, poloxamer 188, deoxycholic acid, Tweens, spans, etc. Felodipine
6 Miscellaneous Pentaerythritol, pentaerythritol tetraacetate, urea, urethane, hydroxy alkyl xanthins, etc. Rofecoxib