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Table 3 Comparison of the rate of degradation of organic pollutants for pure BFO and BFO-doped nanoparticles using different light sources and time interval

From: Effect of annealing temperature on the synthesis and photocatalytic properties of Bi0.65K0.2Ba0.15FeO3 perovskite-like nanoparticle synthesized by sol-gel method

StudyDopantsOrganic pollutantSource of lightConcentration of dye (mg/L)Time (h)Degradation efficiency (%)Reference
K2BFOBa, KMethylene blueVisible light10.002.0080This study
BFOSrMethyl orangeVisible light20.002.0095[23]
BFOBaBenzeneVisible light10.001.0097[24]
BFOBa, NaMethylene blueVisible light10.001.5084[25]
TiO2PtMethyl orangeUV light20.001.5098[26]
TiO2CeRhodamine BUV light0.502.0080[27]
TiO2S4-ChlorophenolVisible light0.326.0088[28]
BFOBaMethyl orangeVisible light10.002.0081[29]