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Table 1 The meanings of variables and parameters of the SEIR model (8)

From: Mathematical analysis of a generalized epidemic model with nonlinear incidence function

Symbols Meanings of Variables and Parameters Values
A Recruitment rate of Humans 0.781 day−1
β Disease transmission rate 0.05 day−1
ϕ1 Emergence of disease symptoms in Iu class 0.312 day−1
ϕ2 Emergence of disease symptoms in Iv class 0.120 day−1
μ Natural death rate 0.002 day−1
ϵ Transition rate from E to Iu 0.006 day−1
d Disease related death 0.11 day−1
μ1 Natural death in Iu class 0.0132 day−1
μ2 Natural death in Iv class 0.0012 day−1
α1 Disease induced mortality in Iu class 0.12 day−1
α2 Disease induced mortality in Iv class 0.21 day−1
γ1 Recovery rate in Iu class 0.134 day−1
γ2 Recovery rate in Iv class 0.123 day−1
σ Infectious transition from Iu to Iv 0.3 day−1
θ Modification parameter 0.0021 day−1
S Susceptible Humans 50 day−1
E Exposed Humans 20 day−1
Iu Infected human who attend awareness program 10 day−1
Iv Infected human who did not attend awareness program 7 day−1
R Recovered humans 3 day−1