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Table 2 Ethnomedicinal importance of R. nepalensis and its mode of preparation for treatment of different ailments

From: Phytochemical investigation and potential pharmacologically active compounds of Rumex nepalensis: an appraisal

Part used Ethnomedicinal importance Place/ country Mode of preparation References
Root Used as purgative, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and treatment for dislocated bones Nepal Decoction [52]
Treat wounds, pimples, and ringworm India Crushing root and making paste [54]
Used to cure skin disorders and eczema India Crushing root and making paste [55]
Treat stomach ache, tooth ache, tonsillitis, ascariasis, rabies, and body swelling Ethiopia Chewing the root [56, 57]
Relieve stomach disorders Ethiopia Chewing the root [58]
Used as purgative Pakistan Chewing the root [33]
Leaf Treat headaches, abdominal colic, skin diseases, wound, and allergies Nepal/ India Decoction and making juice of the leaf powder [52, 59]
Treat ulcers, kwashiorkor, worms, HIV/AIDS, opportunistic diseases, and show HIV-1 activity indices Rwanda 80% Ethanolic leaf extract [60, 61]
Used as ethnoveterinary to treat stomachache Ethiopia Crushing [58]
Used as antiseptic against wounds and skin disorders Pakistan Decoction [62, 63]
Relieve irritation of sting nettle, stomachache, and snakebite India Crushing and making juice [64, 65]
Treat hypertension, amoebic dysentery, and hemorrhoids Ethiopia Decoction [66]
Treat swelling and joint pain India Crushing [43]
Used to treat cuts Pakistan Decoction [63]
Flora Cure joint pain and body ache India Powder/paste application to the infected body [39]