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Table 3 Types of bonding and interacting amino acids of V2R with top five compounds

From: In silico screening and molecular docking study of compounds from Pedalium murex L. with Vasopressin2 receptor target for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

S. nos Name of the compound Binding energy H-bonding Vander wall Pi-alkyl Pi-Pi stacked Unfavourable acceptor-acceptor
1 Diosmetin − 8.6 GLN-96 CYS-192 ALA-98, PRO-95 PHE-105 GLN-119
2 Luteolin − 8.5 PHE-105, GLN-119, LYS-116 CYS-192, ALA-98, PRO-95 GLN-96
3 Hispidulin − 8.2 ARG-106 ALA-98, PRO-95, CYS-192 PHE-105