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Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of encapsulation technologies

From: Encapsulation of probiotics: past, present and future

Sl. No Spray drying Freeze drying
1 Rapid drying process Minimum damages to the product
2 Directly convert the dried powder from the liquid feed Freeze dried powder can be stored in atmospheric conditions
3 Easy to change the process variables and improve the product quality Retain the aroma, flavor and nutritional content
4 Products in free-flowing powders Porous structured powder due to sublimation of water
5 High production efficiency  
6 Less operator requirement  
7 Scaleup to large production capacity  
8 May not suitable for heat sensitive materials Lengthy drying time [24 – 36 h]
9 Complex equipment, and requires more area for installation Complex equipment and difficult to change the process
10 High capital and maintenance cost High capital and maintenance cost
11 Less thermal efficient Less thermal efficient