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Table 2 EV-A71 genotypes in different countries

From: Global emergence of Enterovirus 71: a systematic review

Countries 1960–1969 year 1970–1979 year 1980–1989 year 1990–1999 year 2000–2009 year 2010–2016 year
Singapore     B3, B4 B4, B5, C1  
Malaysia     B3, B4 B4, B5, C1  
Australia     B3, C2 C1  
Japan     B3, B4, C2 B4, B5, C2, C4a C2
Korea     B4, C2 C2, C3, C4a, C4b C4a
Taiwan     B4, C2 B4, B5, C4, C5 B5, C4
China      C4 C4, C4a
Cambodia       C4
Vietnam       C4, B5
France      C1, C2, C4 C4
UK     C1 C1, C2  
Germany      C1, C2  
Austria      C1, C4  
Norway      C1  
Netherlands B0 B1 B1 C1 C1, C2  
Hungary   B1    C1, C4  
Bulgaria   B1     
USA A B1 B1 C1, C2 C2  
Peru      C1