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Table 1 Summary of MCDM approaches

From: Stochastic multi-criteria decision-making: an overview to methods and applications

Abbreviation Method Description
SAHP Analytic hierarchy process A hierarchical pairwise comparison considering stochastic variables
SANP Analytic network process Evaluation of the dynamic multi-directional relationship between the decision criteria using stochastic variables
STOPSIS Technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution A MCDM technique based on the concept of choosing the solution with distance from ideal solution considering stochastic variables
SPROMETHEE Preference ranking organization method for enrichment of evaluations An outranking method based on a pairwise comparison of alternatives to defined criterion using stochastic variables
SELECTRE Elimination et choix traduisant la realité An outranking method based on pairwise comparisons to determine the concordance and discordance sets using stochastic variables
SVIKOR Visekriterijumska Optimizacija IKompromisno Resenje Method for determining the compromise ranking-list of a set of alternatives using stochastic variables
SEDAS The evaluation based on distance from average solution It is based on distances of each alternative from the average solution with respect to each criterion