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Table 6 The optimum parameters and lipase productivity defined by the Box-Behnken design and RSM

From: New lipase-producing Streptomyces isolated from halo-alkaline habitat in Wadi El Natrun: polyphasic identification and statistical optimization of enzyme production

Fermentation parameter Amount
Parameters for maximum lipase production
Soluble starch conc. (g/l) 1.00
Casein (g/l) 0.30
K2HPO4 (g/l) 2.00
KNO3 (g/l) 2.00
NaCl (g/l) 50.00
MgSO4.7H2O conc. (g/l) 0.05
FeSO4.7H2O (g/l) 0.01
Anhydrous CaCO3 (g/l) 0.02
Linseed oil (%) 1.00
Tween-80 conc. (g/l) 4.00
Medium pH 8.20
Time course (day) 3.00
Lipase productivity (U/ml)
 Yield 26.54
 SE mean 03.25
 95% CI low 19.04
 95% CI high 34.05
 SE Pred 04.41