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Table 1 Lattice parameters and the crystallite sizes for the Bi0.65K0.2Ba0.15FeO3 annealed at temperatures of 600, 700, and 800° C

From: Effect of annealing temperature on the synthesis and photocatalytic properties of Bi0.65K0.2Ba0.15FeO3 perovskite-like nanoparticle synthesized by sol-gel method

SamplesSpace groupCell parametersCrystallite size (nm)
a (Å)b (Å)c (Å)
K2BFO 600R3C5.4965.49613.32720.32 ± 2
K2BFO 700R3C5.4825.48213.31224.16 ± 2
K2BFO 800R3C5.4915.49113.23227.12 ± 2