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Table 2 Characteristics of individual studies for the associations between ER polymorphisms and the risk of OAG

From: The association of estrogen-signaling pathways and susceptibility to open-angle glaucoma

AuthorCountryPolymorphismTypeGender (f/m)aAgebGenotype distributioncPHWEd
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019 [30]Polandrs12154178NTG100/4374/NA77576906860.111733
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019PolandHTG63/2977.5/NA50367906860.111733
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019Polandrs1884054NTG100/4374/NA6157177967190.410095
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019PolandHTG63/2977.5/NA463667967190.410095
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019Polandrs1268656NTG100/4374/NA883681243350.142854
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019PolandHTG63/2977.5NA661751243350.142854
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019Polandrs7159462NTG100/4374/NA1022551422210.883193
 Kosior-Jarecka et al. 2019PolandHTG63/2977.5/NA751311422210.883193
 Mabuchi et al. 2010 [31]Japanrs1256031NTG326/29063.75/65.4559107474984580.101595
 Mabuchi et al. 2010JapanHTG326/29063.35/65.4553113464984580.101595
 Mabuchi et al. 2010Japanrs4986938NTG326/29063.75/65.451614931364870.294793
 Mabuchi et al. 2010JapanHTG326/29063.35/65.451674051364870.294793
  1. NA not available, NTG normal-tension glaucoma, HTG high-tension glaucoma
  2. aGender based on type of glaucoma
  3. bThe mean age of case and control
  4. c1 represents the common allele, while 2 represents the minor allele
  5. dP for HWE equilibrium test in controls