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Table 3 Meta-analysis for the association between ER polymorphisms and the risk of OAG

From: The association of estrogen-signaling pathways and susceptibility to open-angle glaucoma

ContrastNumber of studiesOR95% CII2 (%)P value
ERα rs12154178
 A vs C20.970.72–1.3100.84
 AA vs AC/CC20.980.70–1.3800.92
 CC vs AA/AC21.600.72–3.5900.25
 CC vs AA21.580.70–3.5800.27
 CC vs AC21.630.71–3.7400.25
ERα rs1884054
 A vs C21.010.75–1.3600.95
 AA vs AC/CC21.020.72–1.4200.93
 CC vs AA/AC20.860.45–1.63210.64
 CC vs AA20.850.41–1.77320.67
 CC vs AC20.960.79–1.1500.61
ERβ rs1268656
 T vs G21.491.01–2.2100.05
 TT vs GT/GG21.580.83–3.02620.17
 GG vs TT/GT20.730.49–1.0810.11
 GG vs TT22.080.88–4.8800.09
 GG vs GT21.660.67–4.1100.27
ERβ rs7159462
 C vs T20.70070–1.1000.12
 CC vs CT/TT20.660.42–1.0500.08
 TT vs CC/CT24.050.73–22.3000.11
 TT vs CC24.270.77–23.5500.10
 TT vs CT23.070.53–17.7200.21
ERβ rs1256031
 C vs T21.200.99–1.4600.07
 CC vs TC/TT21.150.84–1.5800.37
 TT vs CC/TC*20.640.47–0.8800.006
 TT vs CC20.700.48–1.0300.07
 TT vs TC*20.610.44–0.8600.005
ERβ rs4986938
 G vs A*21.371.04–1.8200.03
 GG vs GA/AA21.371.00–1.8800.05
 AA vs GG/GA20.510.21–1.2400.14
 AA vs GG20.480.20–1.1600.10
 AA vs GA20.630.25–1.5900.33
  1. *P < 0.05